Whether the issue is a promotion, a new manager or a major change program, confidential organisational psychology provides an opportunity to get the support you need, when you need it most.  Some of our clients commence their work with us as a result of a referral from an organisation (often HR or their line manager).  Others start their journey from a health or EAP referral to address a learning need, tackle a difficult conflict or enhance their communication and leadership skills.

Personalised and expert talent advice for companies across executive coaching, talent advisory, career management and outplacement programs.  Our extensive network of Organisational Psychologists and Talent Experts support organisations through periods of change, improve wellbeing and performance of executives and enhance leadership capability at all levels.

We have experience managing major restructures and multiple outplacement programs, sensitive and mission critical risk management and executive coaching programs, as well as support to staff wellbeing. 

We provide services to organisations and individuals seeking:

EXECUTIVE COACHING - for organisations

Follow this link for a description of our 4D Coaching Model

OUTPLACEMENT AND CAREER ADVICE - for organisations and individuals

Find out more about the 3 Career Strategies and our 4 levels of support

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