Wellbeing is the starting point that we build from when working with our clients. Ensuring that all of our coaching clients are supported to maximise their own wellbeing, and providing tools, strategies and personal support to achieve wellbeing goals is central to our programs.   Whether your goals are to progress to an executive coaching program, manage a transition or you are seeking personal support through our individual support services, wellbeing is the starting point.

Paying attention to wellbeing is, in fact, and executive-level capability. Enhancing client's ability to maximise theior own wellbeing is a key enabler to progress through our program. Investment in health and providing evidence-based information and support pays dividends as we progress through the additional steps.



Here are just a few headlines that highlight the need for proactive wellbeing management, at individual and organisational level:   

US Firms aim to fight workplace stress amid rise of employee burnout

Workplace stress costs the American economy billions of dollars a year, according to researchers – but many employees don’t feel comfortable asking to take a break from their workplace to practice self-care.