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Talent Management is a purposeful organisational strategy used to identify and manage individuals who have a positive and superior impact on organisational outcomes, possess unique capabilities that are difficult to replace and are essential to the functioning of the organisation.  With this emphasis, it is clear that  aligning Programs with Organisational Strategy is a must-do Director item and the Corporate Human Resource Strategy and Objectives must enable Capability.

To achieve alignment with the organisation, Team Composition must be considered to develop effective multiples where possible (and reduced to Independent roles when not), and Organisational, Division and Team Culture(s) must be understood.   Individual development is at the heart of performance and is owned by the individual.  


Here are just a few headlines that highlight the need for proactive capability management, before the issues manifest themselves:

Another CISCO boss departs as CEO addresses executive exodus, outlines sweeping changes 

COC names interim CEO after Overholt's abrupt departure

Josh Lopez Emporuim Hotel departure leaves costly mess for owner

Infosys sees yet another top executive exit in prolonged leadership churn

Dropbox investors spooked by key executive departure

CEO departures can wipe out billions from a company's value

IndiGo loses another executive ahead of expansion

Expedia CTO is leaving in another big executive departure

Mystery surrounding resignation of former Quintis boss deepens amid ASIC probe

String of senior NT police sudden departures taking a toll on morale

Roth Capital Shares Two Cents Following Departure of CFO

Not for profits weather surge in turnover of top execs